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Preston's Alpacas LLC

805 County Highway 39


Worcester, NY 12197



607 397-8051


Just give us a call!  Preston's Alpacas is open to show off our alpacas or to visit our alpaca store, Huggable Hills Alpaca Threads whenever we are home, which is most of the time, or by appt.

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Preston's Alpacas LLC
Preston's Alpacas LLC

So I have been very busy making felted hats!  I use the fiber from our alpacas, skirt it, then wash, dry and card.  Next I needle felt it to a foam form (I try not to say that fast) and when I'm satisfied with that, I wet felt it!  After wet felting I need to shape it and then let it dry....totally and completely dry!  Then I go after it with a hot iron, sometimes some spray starch or sizing.  Then the fun part----getting to decorate it!  I've had a lot of fun making hats.  Lots of different styles and NO two are ever alike!  I'll try to post some pictures here and if you see anything you like---let me know cause it might just still be for sale!  Though I try to never make two alike so Act Fast!!


The carded batts that I use to make HATS! 

Welcome to the the fleece and fiber page.  Hope you gain some knowledge and it sparks an interest!  If you have questions or an interest to learn....I'm here to help!



This is where I, (June) think the strength of the business is.  We make all these decisions and fuss about the breeding and what for??  So we can have fiber!  Good, soft, warm, exquisite luxurious fiber!!!  If you've never experienced alpaca fiber, you owe it to yourself to check it out and if you know what I'm talking about!   It comes in 22 natural colors or can be easily dyed .  It is super warm, has no grease/lanolin so you can use it on babies or sensitive skin, is easy to work with and totally eco-friendly from start to finish.  You will often find that people who cannot wear sheep's wool, will have NO reaction to alpaca and love it! 



Alpaca fiber is so versatile that is can be used for just about everything..spun into yarn to knit, crochet, or weave. Blend it with some other luxurious fiber for some really awesome fiber and yarn.  I'm spinning a blend of 80% alpaca and 20% Bamboo and it is heavenly!!  It can be carded for both wet and dry felting.  Seconds can be sent to a mill and made into super warm insoles or clean it yourself and use it for stuffing pillows or even dog/cat beds!  The waste fiber like the real dirty stuff from the bottoms of their legs can be used as a mulch in your garden or as "weed matts" around your trees!  

  The possibilities really are endless--so let your imagination go and.....have fun with it!!


                                                      FOCUS ON FIBER!




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